BA (Hons) Computer Animation is an internationally recognised, award-winning course where you can develop your creative talents, and gain the practical and technical skills for an exciting career in TV, Film, Visual Effects or Games. The computer-generated content of the course is underpinned by solid artistic and creative practices, enabling you to produce the best results possible.

Graduates from the computer animation course have worked at prestigious studios throughout the world. These include Sony Pictures Imageworks and DreamWorks Animation, working on productions such as The Lion King, Star Wars (Solo and The Last Jedi), Paddington 2, Ready Player One, Avengers (Infinity War and Age of Ultron), The Jungle Book, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Beasts and the Harry Potter films. Our alumni also work at cutting-edge computer games studios like Rockstar North, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation), Rare (Microsoft), Ubisoft, Splash Damage and EA Games (UK and USA).

This course is recognised by industry professionals as one of the top UK educational providers for 3D CG Animation and 3D CG Art. It’s one of only two degree courses in the UK to hold ScreenSkills Accreditations in both the animation and games categories. In 2020, the computer animation degree was ranked amongst the Top 20 3D Animation Courses in the world by the International CG organisation "The Rookies" (formerly The CG Student Awards), who have also officially accredited the University of South Wales as a Certified School for Digital Entertainment Media.

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