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Manraj Deol


Hey there!

When asked to describe myself, beyond a shadow of a doubt would describe myself as a tinkerer through and through. Since a young age I've always had a very curious mind - from experimenting with Lego as a young child, to putting together, troubleshooting and over-clocking windows PC's in my teen years. Moving from London to South Wales at age 17, a new found interest surrounding 3D CGI and digital art was sparked in my time at a Level 3 course in college, where I also had the opportunity to compete within WorldSkills' National Finals in Game Art. Progressing to my current commitment - USW's BA Computer Animation course. Strengthening foundations in and around hard surface and organic modeling, texturing, and look development. Whilst also providing a means to learn about animation work-flows, requirements and optimizations. Further building on an understanding of modeling for animation, topology and collaboration. Moving into the future would like to continue to develop my skills as a 3D Generalist with a focus on Art.

Proficient in:
◇AutoDesk Maya
◇Substance Painter
◇Unreal Engine 4
◇Adobe Creative Suite