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Jamilah Melrose Viajar


Hello, my name is Jamilah Melrose Viajar. I am a Filipina, and I am based in Swansea. I am a CG Character Animator graduate. My area of expertise are character performances, lip syncs, dialogues and body mechanics. I also specialise in preproduction as I enjoy gathering research, setting up potential scenes, as well as creating LAV references for character dialogues as I enjoy character animation. I personally find this extremely enjoyable to do. I find it fascinating to see how the before and after movements look afterwards. Setting up cameras, lighting as well as editing videos are other areas I have a passion to keep improving on.

Furthermore, I am looking to develop my skills in animation and softwares needed further after I graduate. In addition to this, I am also currently a 3D animator and a technical artist intern for a small games studio called Fireslug Studios that is based in London. Although, I'm still keen on looking for other opportunities within the UK & abroad.

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