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Gabi Bania


I love telling stories through the medium of animation. I am passionate about directing, scriptwriting, project and team management. I am really hardworking and keen on taking up new challenges.

I specialize in 3D character animation, but before starting my studies in the UK, I worked with various animation techniques including 2D and stop motion. Since 2018, short, animated films and scripts made and directed by me have been presented and awarded at over 140 different festivals and film reviews in 31 countries around the world, including Canada, Australia, France, Japan, and China, winning first places in the USA, Brazil, Poland and the Czech Republic.

I deeply enjoy working with actors, especially when it comes to voice acting recordings and directing. I graduated from the Film High School with Bilingual Departments at the Warsaw Film School in Poland where I worked with live-action short films.

In September 2023 I will start my MA Animation course at the University of South Wales. I currently work on three new short, animated films each one of them lasting about 10 minutes as their director and lead animator cooperating with an international team of students. My life goal is to create thought-provoking animated films which could inspire us to build a better world.

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Instead of an animation showreel I would like to present my two character animation samples from a 10-minute film "The Lodger" about domestic violence which I wrote and directed.

The film is still under development and will be released in 2024.

The link is enclosed below: YouTube link