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Charlotte Cousins


Hello! I'm Charlotte, a 3D animator at the University of South Wales.

I have always loved all forms of animation weather it's games, TV or film. Getting involved and being a part of team projects where I can contribute and share ideas always inspires me. Currently, I am co-directing an animated short film called 'The Closet', which has been incredibly exciting to be a part of - and a lot of hard work - and I can't wait to share it! More information about the project can be seen on my website.

I have had so much fun on my course at USW, animating a range of characters and creatures as well as being lucky enough to be voted as course rep during my time as a second year. Over the last three years I have learnt so much and now I am on the look out for opportunities to hone my skills, learn and grow as an animator!

Feel free to follow me on my social medias where I post updates of my projects or contact me via email.

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