Photo of Ana Daniela Dovleac

Ana Daniela Dovleac


Hello there! I'm Ana, a Romanian student in my final year at University of South Wales in Cardiff. I have always been interested in art, films and cartoons, therefore I chose the Computer Animation BA (HONS) course.

After 3 years of studies and learning various skills, such as rigging, modelling and texturing, I aspire to become a 3D Animator. Animating is my biggest passion. For me, it represents a creative process that combines my own artistic ideas with real life. I also enjoy drawing and making storyboards. Even though 'toony' animations represent my comfort zone, I have recently started going in VFX by the recommendations of my tutors, fact which I am very thankful for since I have never thought effects will become one of my favorite things to do.

Overall, my main focus is creating fun animated sequences with a storyline that transmit emotions to the viewers. If you have some time, you can check out my work listed above :) Also, if you want to send a message my contact is