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Kornelia Urbaniak


My name is Kornelia Urbaniak and I am 2D animator. I am really excited about creating great stories by drawing and animating. Main softwares that I'm using are Toon Boom Harmony, Open Toonz, Adobe After Effects and Procreate.

I am passionate about visual development and I feel like creating characters and environments is the best part of working on animation. I love drawing outside and observing people, animals and buildings. Every picture has a hidden story. I am learning with every project and I draw pretty much everyday.

I have been drawing all my life and I have learnt quite a lot while in Art High-School. I have been living in the UK for two years and after my 1st year of studying Advertising Design I realised that my passion for animation is the path that I want to follow. I may not know everything about the animation industry but I feel ready to learn even more and try myself at it.

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