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Rafaela Veloso


Hello! My name is Rafa and I am an animator and illustrator from Portugal. I've been drawing non-stop since I was very young, and decided early on in life that my love for art and animation was something I wanted to pursue further for the rest of my life. I always strive to be better and learn something new everyday, all for the sake of improving my skills. My joy, passion, and high standards for my art will ensure that every work I create and am assigned to is handed in to the best of my abilities and the standards of my customers/employers. I enjoy working alone as much as I do in a big group with other fellow artists. I have strong communication skills and work well under pressure, and always try to be thoughtful and reliable to those around me. I specialize in illustration, character design, concept art and animation, but I am also working on to improve my storyboarding skills as well! I love learning new things and am always looking forward to any feedback on my work so I can keep growing not just as an animator, but as a person as well!

In my down time I enjoy a variety of other hobbies, from watching movies to playing badminton and experimenting with different mediums in my artwork. I love the horror and surreal genre and will usually be seen indulging in a good horror book or game from time to time! I also enjoy partaking in lots of pop media and shows, and will usually create lots of fan-art in my own time!

If you would like to contact me, my work email is:

You can also find me through my social media! Drop in and check out some of my work, or to say hi!