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Jacob Rees


Hi there! My name is Jacob Rees, I am 23 years old, I have a love for all things strange, weird and different and i have just completed my final year of my Stop-motion animation degree. These past 3 years have taught me so much, not only in terms of animation but it has allowed me to unlock hidden passion and potential! I have a huge love for sculpting strange and weird creations and designs, in fact I run an instagram art page called 'Salamanders_Bizarre' where i show my creations, talk about them and give a story to them! my motto is "Every sculpt has a story" and its this enthusiasm which drove me to slowly be drawn to set and prop building over animation as I love creating these strange worlds and places using sculpture not only for the sake of being filmed but to give it life and really make it feel like a magical and bizarre new place! I'm also quite the eager story teller, I'm always thinking and writing about new ideas and tales, this came from telling my you ger sister bedtimes stories many years ago, and although she may have grownup I have not stopped since! I will hopefully take this further in the future!